Welcome to the AskAlex Expat-Shop.

The shop is intended to help you getting the things which got left back home, got lost on the road or popped up once the Internet or TV services have been installed and something turned out to be missing.

As this section is new please understand that it is still under construction and will change most likely from day to day until it reached a fully satisfying level. Also note that we at AskAlex try to keep things simple for our customers and therefore we are showing a carefully selected variety of products suiting the German market and providers.



Here you will find routers, power-line adapters, WiFi repeaters etc.

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Here you will find antennas, receivers and other gadgets needed to watch TV.

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Here you will find a selection of latest smartphones, cases, cables and other add-ons to your phone.

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If you are searching for something specific and having trouble finding it in Germany, please let us know by writing us a short email and we try our best to get it for you at a reasonable price.