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von Adrianus Strien / Independent Relocation Consultant in Berlin

War beeindruckt, was ihr in kurzer Zeit sogar bei technischen Komplikationen alles veranlassen konntet! 

Controller @ Global Automotive Supplier

What I anticipated to be a major headache as part of my relocation to a new country (Germany) , turned out to be a total non-event. And that is exclusively thanks to AskAlex.

Megan M. from Munich

Moving to a foreign country where you don’t speak the native language has its challenges. Now try to navigate cellphone contracts, internet installation, and trouble shooting with customer service as it’s a very difficult task! Ask Alex was a recommendation given to us by our relocation consultant puttygen download , and we couldn’t have been happier with the services of Des and Alex! They gave us multiple options on contracts for cell phone plans, internet services and home phone lines based upon our needs. They scheduled the technicians installing the internet and WiFi. Most impressively, when our internet spontaneously went out a month later, they had us back up and running the next day. These guys are life savers! I would highly recommend the services of Ask Alex to any expat moving to Munich!

Head Global Talent Management & Organizational Development @ Global Drug Company

Professional service, excellent support. Recommended! Find phone

Venture Partner @ Investment Company

I recently moved to Germany and AskAlex handled all the set up for my phone (mobile and landline) and cable. As a non-German speaker, AskAlex saved me a ton of time and expense…

Director of Production System & Power Tools Division @ Global Automotive Supplier

Great service! Fast, reliable and professional!

Project Manager @ Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry

Alex has been always professional and on time in providing the requested information. The level of details provided was the right one to allow you to make the best decision.

Program Manager @ Pharmaceutical Company

It was a real pleasure to have had the opportunity to get support from AskAlex. It has been always professional and on time in providing the requested information. The level of details provided was the right one to allow you to make the best decision. putty download windows

Program Manager @ Aerospace Company

AskAlex helped select the most suitable internet service putty download windows , arranged installation and provided useful guides in English. Highly recommended!

Head of Pharma Production @ Multinational Pharma Company

Very effective service, punctual – fast – reliable. Thanks! puttygen

J2E Specialist@ Global Insurance Company

Recommended for English only speaking people in Germany.

Audit Manager @ European Auditing Company

We utilized AskAlex to find internet for our apartment upon arrival in Germany. AskAlex took care of all of the communications with the various providers and submitted all of the contracts on our behalf.

Medical Director @ Global Drug Safety Production Leader

Alex is a very expert professional in his field; he followed me from the beginning until the end and did his job with passion, dedication and precision dealing with third parties as well as with me. I am grateful to Alex for the service he provided to me. Reverse Phone Lookup puttygen ssh

HR Analyst @ Global Food&Drug Company

Highly recommended for professionalism, patience (not everything worked as plug and play) and efficiency!

Software Engineer @ German Software Company

I’m glad I could count on AskAlex to help me with that. Since my first choice was technically not available, Alex immediately helped me to cancel that first contract and to get me connected with an alternative provider the fastest way.

Internal auditor @ Pharma Industry

Two thumbs up!! Fast , accurate quality service. All connections are efficiently managed and setup. I would recommend to all expats.

International Sales Director @ Premium Beverages Holding

While problems arose during installation AskAlex managed different authorities including our provider and the municipal construction work that had to be done to get us online. At the end we got set up the best possible and fastest way. Find phone

Associate Director Marketing Research @ Global Drug Company

My experience with AskAlex has been just wonderful! It took only two weeks to get set up with the internet, where it had taken many of my other colleagues 1-3 months to get set up for internet with other services… puttygen download

Director Application Management @ European Software Company

AskAlex took care of all of the communications with the various providers and submitted all of the contracts on my behalf. The first provider was not able to establish a line so Alex worked with another company to get our internet connected the fastest possible way.

Director Global Development & Medical, Governance @ Pharmaceutical Industry

AskAlex provided efficient support for selection of provider, with custom made documentation to guide along with the different steps.

Associate @ Law Office

Pleasant, responsive, professional. Got the job done. Would recommend. puttygen

Senior Project Manager @ Aerospace&Defence Company

In a nutshell, his support/ service made the IT part of my relocation process easier and smoother than expected.

Head of European Business Development @ Global Insurance Company

Alex is very professional with his work, has a fantastic can-do attitude, does not get flustered with an impatient, demanding client and does not hesitate to help out. puttygen download

Head of Global Manufacturing Communications @ Global Pharma Industry

All connections Up and running – on time! Number Search puttygen

Global Learning Expert @ E.ON S.E

AskAlex is a really great, reliable firm. They are very professional and always support you when you have questions. putty download windows

Jefe Departamento Organización, Procesos y Auditorias @ International Home Appliances manufacturer

Very effective service!