Welcome to our proven „get connected“ service.
As an AGS Global Solutions client, our service comes to you free of charge.
With us, you get a seamless experience when it comes to the selection, order, and realization of your broadband connections at your new home in Germany.
Our unique service gives you access to the best telecommunication providers in Germany, as well as our personal support until your connections are up and running.
By first letting us know your personal needs when it comes to Internet, Landline and/or Mobile Phone and TV services, we then provide you with an individual, independent and already condensed recommendation – taken into account not only the direct feedback of technically available providers but the technical infrastructure of your building as well to be perfectly prepared for a setup in best time.
To do so, we talk to the providers, the property management, caretakers, technicians and most importantly – to YOU –  to ensure a smooth getting connected.

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