I moved to Munich in 2017 to work for General Electric. A few months later my family joined me from The Netherlands.

We rented a house in Unterschleissheim and one of my colleagues referred me to AskAlex Expat Service for everything that had to do with internet, TV, & mobile phones subscriptions.

My experience with AskAlex is extremely positive and here is why:

After talking to Alex, we decided to go for a Vodafone subscription (which best met our specific needs). In order to have the internet connection set up, a technician from Deutsche

Telekom had to come to our house to set it up. Unfortunately he was not able to find the main entry point (into the house) for the internet/phone cables, nor did the owner of the house

know much about it either.

To make a long story short it took approximately 6 weeks before we had the Vodafone connection up & running.

But in the mean time Alex sent us Mobile Wi-Fi cards to make sure we would still be able to have internet at home.

Hence, I really would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much Alex for everything that you have done, and for your kind help and support all along the way.

It was a blessing to have met you !

All the best,


Skander Taamallah

Skander Taamallah